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“Make my questionnaire in Dubai”; Say these words to us and we will design the questionnaire for you Questionnaires are used for the collection of the data; so, they are needed to be designed in such a way that they allow the researcher to collect the data according to the needs. Mostly it is difficult for the students to make the questions; as the questions must allow the researcher to collect the specific data and most of the times the questions are either too broad to be answered or they are too general. Appropriate questionnaire design is the basic need for the effective data collection What make it easy for us to design the questionnaires; is the expertise and the experience of our writers. Our writers first consider the methodology that is proposed in the research proposal and then by keeping in mind the research objectives, they start working on the questionnaire. The questionnaire might be adapted from the previous researches; or made by them, as it depends on the nature of the topic. It is needed that the questions must be formed in the simple and easy language so that the respondents would be able to understand easily that what is being asked of them. Also, it would allow minimizing the chances of the misinterpretation of the results; thus it would not compromise the integrity of the results. What kind of the Survey can we design? You might need the questionnaire for conducting a survey or an interview. The questionnaire design depends on the type of the questions. There are different types of the questionnaires and these are the open-ended questions, close-ended questions and the scales. The open-ended questions allow the respondents to respond the questions in the way they want. Close-ended questions are those that provide the choice to the respondents to select the responses from the options that are given to them. Whereas, the rating scales are those in which the range scale is provided and the respondents are needed to select within the range that is given such as the range from 1-5 or 1-7. Whether it is about the open or close ended questions, or the Likert scale format we can deal with all the formats. You can tell us how many questions you want or leave it on us!

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